April 2012

Spring is certainly here, I for one have thoroughly enjoyed the sun and longer days – more writing time!

March was a very busy month and some excellent projects found their way to me, ALL once again via previous work undertaken – thank you.

Not all work, as ‘chance’ played its part and some serious fun was had throwing an Aston Martin DB9 around a racing track – they say we only live once, boy did I live that day.  A particular dream of mine to drive one of those extraordinary cars, for me the ultimate driving experience which has left me sitting on Cloud 9 for the foreseeable future – still dreaming!  Once again from a thoroughly enjoyable experience some ‘work for words’ has landed on my desk – I LOVE MY JOB…x

See 'MAYBE OF INTEREST?' for Aston Martin pictures!

Back to reality – Easter is here, not much downtime as new projects have some tight deadlines, threads to be woven and words to be laid,  I am off to fire up MAC………


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