May 2012

……Whoops!  May crept in quickly and caught me unawares… busy end to April with the transition into May a seamless experience.

Projects completed and more on the burner, leaving not too much daylight time to continue with my project work – nothing else for it, but to strike out the candles and write at my most favoured time – after darkness and up to all the wee small hours of the NIGHT!  I love working at this time, something magical, secretive even, quiet indeed leaving my mind to carve some interesting threads with no distractions other than the comforting rain on the windows.  For me the most productive time to lay down words, even if I have been creating for others there are no shortages of words left in the bag, this is MY time and I LOVE IT… x

To note:  according to my ‘stats’ I have a good few followers in Italy, Israel, Bangladesh and in particular North America and New Zealand…. may I say a ‘hearty’ thank you to you all for following.  Your kind words, messages and recommendations are very much appreciated – it is however at times impossible for me to reply to you all individually but I do try when I have a quiet spell – it never ceases to amaze me where my work flows through AND from which direction my next commission will appear – THANK YOU….X

April showers!  May is supposed to bring flowers, followed by flaming June… BRING on the FLAMING June – ready for some heat and a dry spell now – PLEASE!

This has to be the ‘wettest drought’ I  have ever known!

May-day bank holiday – enjoy yours…… X

NO soggy flames here…..FLAME ON!

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