May 2012

……Whoops!  May crept in quickly and caught me unawares… busy end to April with the transition into May a seamless experience.

Projects completed and more on the burner, leaving not too much daylight time to continue with my project work – nothing else for it, but to strike out the candles and write at my most favoured time – after darkness and up to all the wee small hours of the NIGHT!  I love working at this time, something magical, secretive even, quiet indeed leaving my mind to carve some interesting threads with no distractions other than the comforting rain on the windows.  For me the most productive time to lay down words, even if I have been creating for others there are no shortages of words left in the bag, this is MY time and I LOVE IT… x

To note:  according to my ‘stats’ I have a good few followers in Italy, Israel, Bangladesh and in particular North America and New Zealand…. may I say a ‘hearty’ thank you to you all for following.  Your kind words, messages and recommendations are very much appreciated – it is however at times impossible for me to reply to you all individually but I do try when I have a quiet spell – it never ceases to amaze me where my work flows through AND from which direction my next commission will appear – THANK YOU….X

April showers!  May is supposed to bring flowers, followed by flaming June… BRING on the FLAMING June – ready for some heat and a dry spell now – PLEASE!

This has to be the ‘wettest drought’ I  have ever known!

May-day bank holiday – enjoy yours…… X

NO soggy flames here…..FLAME ON!

April 2012

Spring is certainly here, I for one have thoroughly enjoyed the sun and longer days – more writing time!

March was a very busy month and some excellent projects found their way to me, ALL once again via previous work undertaken – thank you.

Not all work, as ‘chance’ played its part and some serious fun was had throwing an Aston Martin DB9 around a racing track – they say we only live once, boy did I live that day.  A particular dream of mine to drive one of those extraordinary cars, for me the ultimate driving experience which has left me sitting on Cloud 9 for the foreseeable future – still dreaming!  Once again from a thoroughly enjoyable experience some ‘work for words’ has landed on my desk – I LOVE MY JOB…x

See 'MAYBE OF INTEREST?' for Aston Martin pictures!

Back to reality – Easter is here, not much downtime as new projects have some tight deadlines, threads to be woven and words to be laid,  I am off to fire up MAC………


March 2012

WHITE RABBITS and all that Jazz…..

Thursday 1st March – World Book Day and St Davids day.

Spring is here – I think and hope, well the sun is out, foggy fresh start but NICE!

This week has been all about laying down them words, Saturday saw a ‘six hour sitting’ I have to say one of my most productive days so far.  Quite surprised myself with a couple of twists that emerged quite by chance.  Some healthy research seemed to spark off a couple of turns that I had not already sketched out – LOVE IT when that happens, EXCEPT I now have to orchestrate and write in some new scenes.  I can therefore report the re-write is going VERY well.


February 2012

Now I have merged into February and finally stopped chasing my tail, I can now breath briefly –  before jumping headlong into next week for another full on typing frenzy!

When I get one quiet moment I am hoping to update this website – now fully Twittering hopefully some links will appear!

Looking forward to the warmer weather and lighter nights!


December 2011

May I take this opportunity in thanking all those I have had the privilege to work with and for during 2011.

Wishing you all a Happy Christmas & Healthy, Happy, Prosperous 2012 full of oodles of fun and love………

November 2011

October flew by in a flash – a medly of decorating duties, taxi service for my gorgeous daughters with a light, yes VERY light sprinkling of work.

My desk is backed up with ooodles of ideas and rearing to go………..GO….. yep full steam ahead this month.

More later…………..

September 2011

BUSY is the word!

After a ‘wonderful’ summer break with my family it is back to business with renewed vigour.

Had some very good feedback from various avenues and work is flowing, at sometimes a little too much – not one to complain..x

'MAYBE OF INTEREST? TAB'- Check out an article published in the Sunday Express 
- Pictures by kind permission, taken by Claire Wood -
'SHOWCASING OTHERS TAB' - By very kind permission Michael Neill 
(Actor, Life Coach & Voice of 'Scooby-Doo') has lent me some WORDS

July 2011


Busy is the word for this month.  Some interesting projects undertaken, concentrating mainly on finding an agent, some good some bad and a whole lot of indifferent.  Shall we say ‘I have learned a great deal’.

Let the battle commence and as it is my birthday today I shall have the day off – in my dreams!