March 2012

WHITE RABBITS and all that Jazz…..

Thursday 1st March – World Book Day and St Davids day.

Spring is here – I think and hope, well the sun is out, foggy fresh start but NICE!

This week has been all about laying down them words, Saturday saw a ‘six hour sitting’ I have to say one of my most productive days so far.  Quite surprised myself with a couple of twists that emerged quite by chance.  Some healthy research seemed to spark off a couple of turns that I had not already sketched out – LOVE IT when that happens, EXCEPT I now have to orchestrate and write in some new scenes.  I can therefore report the re-write is going VERY well.


February 2012

Now I have merged into February and finally stopped chasing my tail, I can now breath briefly –  before jumping headlong into next week for another full on typing frenzy!

When I get one quiet moment I am hoping to update this website – now fully Twittering hopefully some links will appear!

Looking forward to the warmer weather and lighter nights!