Coming from a Professional background ‘THE WORK ROOM’ is highly organised, showcasing my communication and administrative skills to the highest degree.   I am a perfectionist 99% of the time but the remaining 1% is off the cuff improvisation using instinct and vibes to tweak and customise my work.

I take pride in my work to deliver the right piece for myself and others, whether it is an intricately orchestrated passage or clear simple one liners but always working to please the reader with the correct information.  I have gained positive feedback and worked with my clients to achieve a high standard of work ethic and creativity.

My inspiration comes from a variety of sources, life and people watching being my main dictionary, with dollops of common sense and inbuilt creativity driven by copious amounts of Starbucks,  oodles of bananas and a good drenching with ‘This Water’ to coax the brain cells into action!  However, to be positive, open-minded, humorous and to plan, gives me the ability to remain adaptable and on course.

                                                                       'Ultimately the customer is always right,
                                                                         I remain humbled by their comments'.